Human centeric design

Thinking of the people I design for, I understand what they want. Or what they don’t.

No conjurer of cheap tricks.

I can make products look and feel good, but without a strategy it probably isn’t going do too well, and you’re amazing product won’t be that amazing. So once we’ve discovered what’s best for your business, we’ll create the route how to get there.

  • Workshops
  • Research
  • Concept
  • Product Strategy
  • Expectations Setting

Design can mean a whole load of different things (depends on the people). But to myself, design is the entire thing. How it looks, feels, tastes and works. Design is the sum of all the parts, unified to something great so I’ll be difficult at times to get it right, not for us but for the people using your product. But that’s how we get the most value.

UX Design

  • Product feature roadmap
  • Userflows
  • User persona's
  • Wireframes / Prototyping
  • User testing and reporting

UI Design

  • Visual
  • Interaction
  • Native
  • Design systems

Yeah, I do that too. Actually, I love to code and the mentality and the approach I have to coding experiences is kinda like how I approach design. It’s just that they’re not the same and honestly I just enjoy being a part of the full process. From start to finish.

  • Web Development (React JS)
  • Native (iOS & React Native)
  • Design Systems
  • Data driven web applications
  • Dashboards