New East Travel Guide

Role: Product Design
Date: 23/05/18

Named one of the "best travel apps for 2017" by Escapism magazine.

I was approached by The Calvert Journal who had partnered with Coca Cola to create a fresh new design and better user experience for their existing iOS and Android apps. The goal was to enhance a global traveler’s experience across cities in Russia, ready for the 2018 Wrold Cup. The apps provide a curated selection of cultural hotspots and insider insights into the best places to shop, eat, explore and enjoy — this content had to be easily accessible and clever suggestions had to be created based on the users interest.

Get the ball rolling

The Calvert Journal hosted multiple apps for different cities. This didn't make much sense to me. Why have multiple travel guide apps? Why not have one app that has content offering the user multiple city packages simplifying the experience? This was a key consideration when designing the architecture of the New East Travel Guide. One app to provide content from all the regions covered by Calvert.

"All too often travel guides are just a digital version of a printed guide. This guide has been exclusively made so that content is constantly in the fore-front and easily accessible for the user."

Creative director, Calvert 22 Foundation.


For Calvert, the colour red identifies travel. Knowing the core readership of Calvert understand this, red was used as the primary colour all to help make it as instantly recognisable amoung their loyal readership.


Red (Patone)





Back of the net

I set off to learn how the audience felt about Calvert and what they wanted from the travel content from Calvert. I also tested how the app could scale globally during a period of transition (fromt their previous apps, to New East Travel Guide). I used our learnings to drive the work of creating an experience that engaged a loyal audience.

  • Hand-picked selection
  • Offline maps
  • Auto update
  • Trending filter
  • Verified information

Off the bar

The app covers everything you need to know about the culture and lifestyle of contemporary Russia. Compiled by the Journal's expert team, it tells you the best spots for food and drink, gives you access to the hottest hidden highlights and uncovers the authentic experiences that make each city tick.

It's coming home

The client created some draft, preliminary sketches before I created wireframes to test and prototype. the team at Calvert were really engaged with the project and integrated themselves within the process.

Play ball

Translating the sketches into wireframes. Specifically, the primary user flow, from sign up to discovery of a location to visit.

What I found out

Good communication, collaboration, humility and a whole lot of fun. This is how we come together as a team to make sure we make the right product. I found out that when you involve people with different specialities in the process; editorial, sales, creative and engineering — is a great advantage to problem solving.

It also helped that the team from The Calvert Journal are open to new ideas and perspectives, they encouraged a “more the better” mindset.

"The Calvert Journal’s new app explore the city’s (St Petersburg) fascinating history as well as its contemporary youth culture"