Louis moody's profile imageLouis Moody

Product design practitioner at Metalab. Founder and creator of Zero Waste App. Decentralisation and token-based economics enthusiast based in London, UK.

Igniting the imagination to see what's possible by expressing my creativity through design and code.

I focus on simplicity, thoughtfulness and a learning-based approach to my work. I'm a believer in user-centred and scientific methods to design.

zero waste app

Zero Waste App

Driven by my passion for sustainability, I designed, engineered and developed a brand that seeks to empower everyday people to do what they can for a better and healthier world.

Tenet app


I was a part of the small team that lead the transformation of Tenet web product into a scalable, innovative, intuitive iOS and Android product.


Upstox (USA)

Building off the strengths of the Upstox India mobile app, I crafted a transformation from a professional day trader experience into an intuitive and delightful retail investor app for a USA user base.

Heir app


I was a part of the small team that lead the information architecture, early design discovery and design prototypes made for user testing to deliver an experience that connects athletes and their fans like no other.

indigo product


With the intersection of my product design and research skills and passion for sustainability, combined with the intelligent team of Indigo AG, we radically improved the way growers of crops sustainably grow and sell for a healthy planet.

And how does that make you feel?

User Testing tangible interactive prototypes made with Framer X, to make sure we build the right thing, in the right way...

Instagram Discovery — a refreshing product design case study.

What if you could bring more user control and freedom to explore content on Instagram? Could that better inform the algorithm...

Creating my first Framer X code component

If you’re following my Dribbble or IG, you’d know I occasionally challenge my product design skills by creating concepts...

Interface concept for Tesla in-car dashboard

For millions of people, Tesla needs no introduction. For everybody else, Tesla creates electric vehicles that can be better...