Web Development

I'm neither a designer nor am I a programmer. I view myself as a problem solver, that happens to use design and programming as tools to achieve the solutions to problems I discover. As much I have some kind of an obsession with the conceptual phase of design and crafting beautiful pixels for a UI, I also just enjoy building things.

Building my future

This is what led me to build websites. I don't believe that a designer is required to know code or a highly skilled programmer to learn fundamentals of design (see ten principles of design I follow). In my case, building things from the ground up excites me so I started my career learning how to build HTML and CSS websites, with some functionality using jQuery. From there, I moved into building websites with Wordpress that extended my knowledge of jQuery to learning Vanilla Javascript and gaining knowledge of new languages such as; PHP and some MYSQL.

Good design is the practice of eliminating chaos and solving problems. Programming is no different.

Speaking your language

  • — HTML
  • — CSS
  • — SCSS
  • — JQUERY
  • — REACT JS
  • — PHP
  • — MYSQL
  • — SWIFT (iOS)

Programming is more than just writing code

As my interest deepened my thirst for more knowledge heightened. I wanted to learn more and build beautiful, elegant, and fast interfaces that complimented my design. I had a goal/mission to design program journeys that communicated with more than just words by creating a natural, new and engaging to visit and use the products I created.

As I developed in my career, I began to understand that it's not about the languages you can write, but about the methodology you take when approaching a new project or programming problem. I'm currently writing an article about this topic which you can find on my Journal as soon as it's published.

Louis Oliver Moody


24 Calvin Street,
Shoreditch, London,
E1 6NJ.