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Opening up some lanes

Including typography, colour palettes & various UI elements, I invested a lot of time designing with great care.

Energising colours

Lightning blue

Maya blue

Radical red

Registration Black

Auto layout design

Interactive prototype built in Framer

4 interative screens

The Unfold UI kit has been broken up into multiple screens maxmising the adaptability of the interactive prototype.

Optimised code

Framer uses Coffee Script. It's a simplified version of Javascript syntax. To simplify things further, all the code snippets I've left comprehensive comments to explain what the code components are doing.

Fully customisiable

The structure of the prototypes are very simple to understand. Tinker away, tear apart and put together however you want.

16 beautifully crafted screens

Designed with simplicity in mind, Unfold allows you to focus on content rather than intricate visual details, to ensure that you start on the right foot.

Optimised iOS iPhoneX

Backed up to the basics. Unfold is driven by 3 core philosophies: deference, clarity and depth which is inspired by the core iOS design principles.

100% Vector based elements

Each element (apart from imported jpg's) is 100% vector, maximising the resolution of Unfold. Adapt the design as you want without comprimising the original design.

Clean and well organised

Well architectured layers and folder structure. Built similar to HTML markup, making layers easily accesible for designers and developers.

Compatible with all versions of Sketch

Two things: you should work in vector, and always work from scratch. That's why every aspect of Unfold is built in Sketch.

Framer prototype

Get ready to feel the design in action. I find Framer helpful to evaluate my design ideas in a fully-interactive environment. Interaction design has become integral to my design flow.

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Get Unfold for Sketch Get Unfold For Framer

Louis Oliver Moody


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