The mission of the Calvert 22 Foundation is to nurture and celebrate the contemporary culture and creativity of the New East. Like many of my projects, Calvert's previous website had grown rapidly over the years without a clear Information Architecture vision. Rethinking everything, we decided to focus on what makes Calvert, Calvert.

November 12, 2016

Re-design & eCommerce (WooCommerce)

UX & UI Design / Web Development

My approach

Working closely with the marketing and events team at Calvert, we studied existing analytical user data to inform decision making during the design process. Operating in an agile method, we designed and tested functionality with members of the team across the website whilst keeping the aethetics clean and simple.

Design as a language

After applying my UX process we created a simple style guide to set the correct visual tone that visitors and users are already so familiar with. We wanted the style to feel professional yet friendly. It's common that most Art and Culture institutions seem intimidating, but we strived towards creating a website that was welcoming.

Come on in

The previous website that Calvert hosted failed to have any elements prominently focused to engage users to read the content of the events and exhibitions. Using the analytical data collected, reading event information and being able to easily book when the user decided they would attend the Calvert space was a core focus of the website.

The Bookshop eCommerce

The eCommerce project is currently in development and more will be coming soon.

Unique monthly visitors


Increase in bookings


Better user experience


Louis Oliver Moody

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