My sense of purpose is to ignite peoples imagination to see what's possible, empowering people so they can lead more fulfilled and better lives. Currently, the way I happen to do this is by creating iOS and Android software experiences. The personal connection we have with our smart devices have become biologically deep giving people like myself the opportunity to create software that connects with people on a personal level.

Design and Code are
one of the same

Design and programming are considered to be different skills that are something of the opposite sides of the spectrum. I don't believe this to be true in the case of iOS and Android development. In fact, I believe design is the practice of eliminating chaos and solving problems which is coincidentally no different to the mentality I've come to adopt with my development process.

Power on any platform

I code apss using the React Native framework. The beauty of React Native is that it is a cross-platform framework that has been well built and has achieved the goal of building native apps with incredible performance, using one primary language, Javascript. Many familiar companies have adopted this framework.
See what's built with React Native.

Louis Oliver Moody

24 Calvin Street,
Shoreditch, London,
E1 6NJ.